Everything we know about next iPhone

We are hearing a lots of rumors about upcoming iPhone, there is a new rumor about the next iPhone’s screen.According to MacRumors ,claims that the next iPhone(iPhone 8) will have a 5.8″ OLED Display but only 5.15″ will be usable display and the lower part will be reserved for “Function Area“.

Function Area will consist of virtual navigation key and Optical Fingerprint‘ scanner, and it will replace the current physical home button and the current Touch ID recognition  technology used in iPhone.

According to Kuo the size of the measurement of  new iPhone will be same as old 4.7″ iPhone and it will be comfortable for one-handed  operation, it is possible because of bezel less display. You can see the image below 🙂

Kuo further says that Apple will also offer standard 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch LCD iPhones, but he is not yet clear what features those devices will adopt. In previous research notes, Kuo has said they will include glass bodies and wireless charging, but he has not gone into detail on other potential features.

As the OLED iPhone will replace the physical home button with ‘Function Area’ it is expected to add more biometric technologies which may includes Iris Scanner or Facial Recognition technology.

As for we know it is also expected that the battery life of next iPhone will be longer and the size of battery may be bigger than current batteries.

About the pricing of next iPhone Kuo expect that the price will cost in excess of $1000, but it will not impact the market because of innovative design and new user experience.

It is expected that the Apple will ship 100 million during the second half of 2017.

So this is what we know about next surprise from Apple. If you facing any query feel free to share it in the comment box.

         Thanks For Reading 🙂

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