Root Apps that you will definitely need if your device is rooted.

In my last post, I talked about rooting in general and how you can root any android device.
HERE is the link to my last post.
So, today we will take a look at some of the root apps that can make your android device truly very powerful and make you the owner of your device in every sense of the word.
Here is the list to top 10 apps you will definitely need if your device is rooted.

1.Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is a root-only Android app created by Titanium Track. It’s the best backup app currently available for Android. You can back up virtually every byte of data on your device, including unique app data, user data, and more.
This app comes in two versions:- FREE & PRO(paid)
Features of the Free version:
• No ads, no time limit
• Very fast app listing (~1 second for 300 apps)
• Sort apps by name / last backup / backup frequency
• Filter apps by name / type / status / Apps Organizer labels (also affects Batch operations)
• Backup/restore regular apps + their settings
• Backup/restore protected apps + their settings
• Backup/restore system apps + their settings (incl. Wi-Fi AP list)
• Backup/restore external app data
• Restores the Market links when restoring apps
• Zero-click background batch backup
• Interactive batch restore
• Many batch scenarios (eg: if more than N days since last backup, etc)
• Zero-click app un-installer
• Zero-click system app un-installer
• Move app to/from SD card
• Move app data to/from SD card (needs ext2/3/4 partition)
• Batch action widgets
• Quick reboot widgets
• A single weekly or biweekly scheduled backup
• User-defined apps lists with filtering, coloring and scheduling support
• Built-in Android Market information viewer (Android 2.0+)
• Ability to remove orphan app data
Additional features of the PRO/Donate version:
• Multiple backups per app (history length can be chosen)
• Zero-click background batch restore
• Encryption of your backups (asymmetric crypto: the passphrase is needed on restore only)
• Backup/restore SMS, MMS, call log, bookmarks and Wi-Fi networks in the portable XML format!
• Multi-user support for some apps (eg: games) with quick-switching widgets!
• Batch verification of your backups
• Dalvik cache and system logs cleaner can free up precious internal memory
• App freezer can disable an app (and make it invisible) without un-installing it
• Convert users apps system apps
• Integrate system app updates directly into your ROM to free up even more internal memory
• Integrate Dalvik cache system elements into ROM, which can free up internal memory as well
• Create an “” file containing apps+data, which can be flashed in recovery mode to restore everything in one shot!
• Migrate some system data (eg: SMS/MMS) across incompatible ROMs
• Ultra fast HyperShell (much faster for almost everything)
• Batch app freezing/defrosting
• Advanced app control (pause/resume apps during backup, instead of stopping them)
• Restore individual apps+data directly from ADB backups. These backups can be made on Android 4.0+ without root access!
• Restore individual apps+data directly from ClockworkMod backups. Supports CWM5+ and most CWM4 backups
• Restore individual apps+data directly from TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP) backups. Supports TWRP 2.0+
• Full support for paid apps that must normally be installed through the Market!
• Market “auto updating” manager, to easily verify, enable or disable auto updates on several apps at once!
• Unlimited, independent scheduled backups (each of which can run 1 to 7 times a week)
• Market Doctor can retrieve or re-create any broken Market links (for your updates to appear in Market again)
• “Destroy all Market links” feature
• Synchronize all (or some of) your backups to Dropbox, Box and Google Drive (manual or scheduled)
• Retrieve all your backups from Dropbox, Box and Google Drive (in case of lost phone or SD card failure)
• TB Web Server: download/upload all your backups as a single ZIP file on your computer through a Web interface
• Load/Save a Filter (from the Filters screen) and use it in Widgets/Schedules
• Change the device’s Android ID, restore it from a backup or after a factory reset
• Protect backup against deletion
• Send backup (to e-mail/cloud) and import it in 1 click
• Backup→Verify→Un-install an app in one shot
• Freeze/defrost/launch apps in a single click (with optional password protection!)
• CSV data export from any app’s DB, to e-mail or Google Docs
• Convert app data to/from Gingerbread’s faster WAL DB format
• Brand the app with your name.


Greenify is one of the reasons why rooting your phone can save so much battery life. Greenify can boost battery life by an average of 2-4 hours simply by intelligently managing how apps run in the background.
Available on both rooted and non-rooted devices, Greenify is one of the world’s most popular rooted apps. It works much better when installed on a rooted device.
No matter which device you install it on, Greenify will hibernate background apps. When an app hibernates, it stops running in the background. It won’t deliver notifications to your phone and it won’t silently steal RAM or CPU cycles. To activate this app again, all you have to do is tap on it – just like you normally would when opening the app.

3.Disk Digger

DiskDigger® is a program that undeletes and recovers lost files from your hard drive, memory cards, USB flash drives — you name it! Whether you accidentally deleted some documents or photos from your computer, reformatted your camera’s memory card, or want to see what files are lurking on an old USB drive, DiskDigger is here for you. See the complete list of features to learn more.
DiskDigger has already helped millions of users around the world recover their lost files.

4.Root Browser

Root Browser is a file manager app which has most of the same functions as Root Explorer but is available for free.
Root Explorer may have arrived on the Play Store first, but Root Browser has stolen some of Root Explorer’s thunder by offering the same seamless file management experience without the $3.99 price tag.

5.System App Remover

One of the most annoying parts of getting a new smartphone is removing all the unnecessary system apps from your home page.
System App Remover wants to help you instantly remove those apps from more than just the homepage: it wants to help you safely and quickly uninstall all of those annoying system apps you never use.

6.Xposed Installer

Xposed is a framework for modules that can change the behavior of the system and apps without touching any APKs. That’s great because it means that modules can work for different versions and even ROMs without any changes (as long as the original code was not changed too much). It’s also easy to undo. As all changes are done in the memory, you just need to deactivate the module and reboot to get your original system back. There are many other advantages, but here is just one more: Multiple modules can do changes to the same part of the system or app.

7.Gravity Box

Gravity Box has always been among the biggest reasons to use Xposed. It’s an unbelievably comprehensive tool for modding and enhancing the Android user interface. Almost no part of the Android experience cannot be tweaked or improved with this utility. This module allows you to add extra functionality to your keys like Double pressing Volume keys to skip tracks. Some of the most famous features are CyanogenMod Pie Controls, Launcher tweaks, Hardware key actions, Power tweaks & Notification control (per-app notification LED/sounds/vibrations).
Download Links:-
For KitKat –
For Lollipop –
For Marshmallow –

8.Youtube Background Play

You can play Youtube videos in the background on your Android phone and use the world’s most popular video App as a non-stop audio streaming music app. Here is the link to downlod it.


It is an audio modification app, that helps your device to deliver max quality output sound without the need of any EXPERT knowledge. All you have to do is to install the app and use it.
It is usually installed like any other app, but on some devices running Lollipop, Marshmallow, or Nougat and some custom roms you may need to FLASH the zip for this app.


Flashify is one of the Android root apps that helps users flash their Android device with a different CWM or TWRP. The app is used to flash recovery or flash-able zip that contains any systemui.apk.mod. Custom recovery from your device is made possible. PC is not required in order to flash any recovery or boot image.

There are many more apps other than present in this list, but I cannot cover all of them, as it would be irrelevant to mention apps that won’t make a huge difference to the working of any android device(This is just because some of the smartphone companies such as Xiaomi provide different unique features with different version of their OS or Model of the handset and users of these type of smartphones are already aware of those small features, so they don’t need a root app for that).

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