WhatsApp new features lets you share your story like Snapchat and Instagram

WhatsApp has given its users a new way to keep sharing their everyday experiences with their contacts with its newly revamped Status feature. The WhatsApp Status feature – which has been rumoured for a long time – completely changes the way you the Status function of the app works. So, instead of the boring old ‘Hey there, I’m using WhatsApp, you can share multimedia content with your friends and family using WhatsApp status, it’s sounds great 🙂 . Moreover, you can update your status multiple times a day, keeping the engagement level high for your content.
WhatsApp’s new Status feature, rolling out from Monday, will let you share photos, GIFs or videos overlaid with drawings, emojis and a caption that will be visible to selected friends for 24 hours, before disappearing. To encourage this increase in engagement with the popular app, your Status will no longer be a boring text message – instead you get to express yourself using a short video.
WhatsApp Product Manager Randall Sarafa told that the new WhatsApp Status combines three existing features – broadcast lists, media sharing, and Status.

This sounds familiar, that’s because it’s exactly like Snapchat’s and Instagram’s Story, which lets users share similarly-ephemeral timelines.

• WhatsApp Status will roll out globally in phases, starting with Europe
• It will be available for Android, iPhone, and Windows versions only not for Blackberry phones 😦
• Users will be able to use photos, videos, GIF images as Status updates

WhatsApp will be next Social Network
The revamp status feature looks same as Instagram stories ‘inspired’ by Snapchat’s feature of same name. Facebook wants to add more social networking capabilities to our real time messaging app ‘WhatsApp’.
The need of this feature to keep the engagement level high with your friends and family, they can share their comments or reactions. The one difference here is any replies that your friends send to Status updates are visible only to you like Instagram’s Story replies keeping the privacy concern in mind.
What we expect in this Update
Status gets a tab of its own, in between Chats and Calls. It’s easy to create Status messages, especially if you’ve used the aforementioned Stories feature in either Snapchat or Instagram. WhatsApp Status updates you create are visible to your contacts by default, though you can change them to My contacts except… or Only share with… as well.
Within the Status tab you will see various groups: My status, which shows your most recent WhatsApp status (you can swipe to see who’s seen your Status, similar to Instagram’s Story); Recent Updates, which shows new WhatsApp Status messages that your friends have created in the last 24 hours; Viewed Updates, which is self-explanatory; and Muted, which lists updates from users you’ve muted. If you deleted a WhatsApp Status you’ve created, it’s deleted from the phones of all your contacts – even from ones who’ve already seen the Status.
When Do I Get the New WhatsApp Status Feature?
The new WhatsApp Status feature is rolling out users in Europe to begin with, Sarafa said, with other regions in line to get the feature later. The feature will ultimately be available to all WhatsApp users on Android, iPhone, and Windows.:)
So this is what we know about the Status revamp of WhatsApp. If you have any query feel free to share it in the comment box.
Thanks For Reading 🙂

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