Here's How You Post Multiple Photos And Videos On Instagram

The new feature lets users post up to 10 photos and videos in one go.

Instagram has rolled out the much-awaited feature that lets users post multiple photos or videos in one go. The latest update allows users to post up to 10 items at one time. To be able to use the new feature, users will first have to update the app to version 10.9 for Instagram. Here is how it can be used.

 Once updated, users can click on the next post and select up to 10 photos in the order they want to see it in the post. When the user clicks next, she will have the option to select filters or edit each photo in the post. She can also change the order by holding a photo and dragging it to the desired position.


The post will show an album like icon in the bottom right corner when selected by the person posting it. Once posted, it will have blue dots under the post to indicate multiple photos. Users can swipe through the ‘album’ to view all the photos.

 Instagram’s intention here is to create pseudo albums. Users will be able to post more than one photo of an occasion, be it a trip or a party. Additionally, the new format could be used for how-to guides as well. The company has released a video illustrating the new feature.

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