How To Get Google Assistant On Your Android Device

Summary: Google has started shipping its Assistant from Google Pixel & Google Pixel XL, now its started shipping its Assistant to every Android Device. Steps are given Below if you wish to Install Google Assistant on your Android Marshmallow or Nougat Device.

Google has Already Started shipping its Android Assistant to millions of Android devices from last month, ICYMI- Google Assistant was first Released Exclusively to Google Pixel & Pixel XL which was launched in October,2016.

Follow the steps below to get google assistant on your android device right now:

1. Make Sure That Your Device is Compatible

The Primary Requirement for getting and running Android Assistant is Android Marshmallow or Nougat, its okay if you have flashed any custom ROM’s like LineageOS, MoKee ROM or any other but make sure that ROM will be based on Android Marshmallow or Nougat.

2. Update Google Play Services & Google App

For Enabling Android Assistant on your Device make sure that Google Play Services & Google App is updated to the latest version. Check the version of your app to make sure it is updated to the latest version. The required version is mentioned below.

GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES: 10.2.98 or later.

GOOGLE APP: or later.

If you wish to manually install the update Download from clicking the name.

3. Make Sure your Device Language is set to ENGLISH(U.S)

Google Assistant is not rolling out globally, it is limited to U.S users only. To make these changes head over to:

Settings> Additional Settings> Language & Input (MIUI USERS)

Settings> Language & Input (ALL OTHER STOCK ANDROID USERS)

4. Clear Cache Of the Apps

Go To Following Addresses to finally Enable Google Assistant.

Settings> Installed Apps> Google> Clear Cache

Settings> Installed Apps> Google Play Services> Cache

5. Launch Google Assistant

You can launch Google Assistant by Following ways.

  • By Holding your Device Home Button.
  • Open Google App > Hamburger menu > Assistant.

That’s it Start Exploring your new Assistant. 🙂

Thanks For Reading.


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