First Xbox 'Tech Series' Controller by Microsoft

Console players with money to burn might find their stock controllers just a little too drab one day and go hunting for a more stylish gamepad. Xbox One owners are particularly in luck, since Microsoft seems to add new color and design schemes every few months. The latest remix of the console’s standard wireless controller comes in the new Tech series, and the first in that line looks perfect for the aesthete in your life that appreciates geometric designs and military chic.

The Recon Tech Special Edition isn’t too different from the stock model, adding cool gold accents and insignias on the gamepad’s face and nice rubberized grip strips on the back. While that won’t give players an edge (or expanded functionality) like the Elite controller’s finely-tuned sensors and alt-control paddles, the Recon Tech includes the standard Wireless controller’s Bluetooth capability to hook up to Windows 10 and Samsung Gear VR.

Plus, the $70 Recon is still relatively affordable compared to the Elite’s $150 pricetag. As is typical with the Xbox One gamepad options, you’re paying a premium for style, since every other unique paint scheme (including custom jobs from the Design Lab) costs $10-$30 more than the $50 stock wireless controller.

Source: Engadget , Xbox Wire

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